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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  August 17, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and the right. also, imagine a world where it's illegal to ridicule politicians. what would stewart and colbert and not to mention the rest of us do should they enforce such laws? it's on the books in a major western nation as we speak. we'll tell you where and what the penalties are. the show starts right now. good afternoon to you. ground zero for the great divide in america. political, yes, but perhaps more importantly, religious. including a divide within the muslim american community. >> we do believe that the first amendment of the united states constitution is sac -- what do we tell our children about this place called america? >> that's one side. there are other muslim americans who question freedom of religion
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versus basic social standards. sure the law allows for the mosque to be built, but if 2/3 of americans are against the location, why not make accommodations to bridge the divide? my first guest, a prominent muslim leader who is opposed to building the mosque near ground zero. before we get into the conversation, i want you to think about the adaptations. that's a cultural or religious aspect diminished or eliminated in order to get better acceptance inside of america. obviously, issues ranging from condom use to the acceptance of divorce were major issues between the american catholics, if you will, and fundamentalists or traditional catholics. what about the muslim faith?
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are there aspects that need to bend in some way in order to this be reformed in our country. ? at the very least among the leader who is at this point may not have done that. again, we're joined by a prominent muslim leader opposed to the building of the mosque near ground zero. it's a pleasure to see you. how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. >> what would the leadership of this particular mosque or any mosque, because mosques pop up all over the country and receive all sorts of resistance. and carrying on. what could leadership do or offer to someone like yourself as an indication of their own willingness to perform in the culture, a la, a mormon with polygamy, if you will.
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getting rid of the mormons in order to have social comfort with the americans. is that a reasonable metaphor? >> let me first say i am not opposed. i am opposed to building the mosque at this location without having enough information on the funding source. i don't think that's been made clear. about the agenda of this cultural center. it's not really a mosque, it's a cultural center/mosque. in order to make an intelligent opinion on this, we need to have the facts. i don't personally have the facts. and everybody is going crazy with the pros and the cons. it's really difficult for someone who is level headed, september for the governor of new jersey, who was great. >> why did you like what he
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said? what did you like about what he said? >> because he said keep politics out of it. and because he would not stoop to the level of some of the politicians that use this religion to either be for or against. >> do you believe those american politicians who try to use this as a nerve ending to jack up the fear machine, to jack up the money machine? i can jack up more books. i get rich. newt gingrich gets rich, sarah palin gets rich by bomb throwing on the issue. we get it. at the end of the day do you believe that they think we are -- are they trying to advance a war with iz laum? and we'll get into george bush's comments later. are we in a war with
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fundamentalist thinking, wherever it may appear, or fundamentalist violent thinking. if you're going around killing people because you think it's a good thing to do, we don't want that in this country, right? >> of course. we have been told we are fighting a war on terror. >> but we all know, that didn't make sense ten years ago. >> regardless. if you are fighting a war in general and you haves a separations of winning this war. one of the fundamental things you need to do is identify who you are fighting against. >> whoever i decide is a terrorist, of course. i can be a terrorist. anybody. >> we have not had success in separating islams and muslims from terrorists. >> that's the disaster in this. by why is that? >> and this is why we are failing. >> is the reason we're failing
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because it's politically convenient to mix the two up? >> for some people, yes. absolutely. divide and conquer. but it's not good for the national security of this country. >> i agree. >> it is not good for the mental health of this country it's not good for the economy of this country. it's not good for the quote/unquote, american dream. >> but if you're looking to sell a book fear mongering -- >> yeah, you make money. >> this is good. >> it's good for personal agendas. but it's not good for the nation. >> yeah, but you can make a lot of money. >> well, i haven't. >> me neither. what are you going to do? >> i'm looking for a job still. >> fear mongering is the future, i'm telling you. it's a pleasure. thank you for the conversation. >> thank you so much. >> this issue, exposing a great political divide, not just in one party, in both parties. some seeking to manipulate it
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and exploit it. there's the president throwing fuel on the fire where he may as well just left it alone. instead of gets into this. meanwhile the republicans pouncing on the words, but they're splip over whether an anti muslim message is a platform in the republican party. clearly a good way to sell books, but that's a different story. top democrats led by harry reid say the president threw him under the bus. no wonder many are longing for the days of george w. bush, who is actually widely praised for his handling of the muslim-arab community and the distinction between radical behavior of any kind, and basic faith in any religion. i want to bring in dave weigel. slate political reporter. msnbc crib tor. i i want to play the bush
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commentary right after 9/11. are we at war withi islam or specific violent factions. >> the face of terror is not the true faith of islam. that's not what islam is all about. islam is peace. these terrorists don't represent peace. they represent evil and war. >> what is your analysis of the political discourse in this country? whether the perceived exploitation on either side, or mishandling. pick your favorite set of adjectives. it's clearly not getting any more elegant by the day. it's nowhere near as elegant as the former president's offering in that sound bite. >> well, no. this is a symptom of the republican party being leaderless and having con stallation of very loud voices on a couple of issues who run what it said they believe, what they think americans should believe on a couple issues.
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the people who from the bush administration are very scattered. i talked for people who work for bush and are interested in public diplomacy. it's not as long as the members of congress who have a lot to gain from this. or liz cheney, type israel safe, keep america safe. the various groups have a lot to win if they shift our public debate a little bit more in the direction of his tysteria. getting people excited about the issue is getting them closer to being really invested, spending a lot of money on war on terror. the did the same thing a year ago with the debate over waterboarding. that's what happened. when you lose a responsible republican who has something to lose, you know, the difference between george w. bush and newt
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gingrich is george bush had a war on terror to win. newt gingrich has a campaign to win. >> if you were to look at the goping culture in the country to find a hot button issue that's divisive is going to soak up a ton of cable oxygen because it rates well and in the process will distract us from the total corruption and a litany of issues in the country, from jobs to education, and i won't list all the things wrong in america that are not being dealt with while we carry on about these things. what do you view is the best way for all of us who share incredibly common value systems? 80% of americans on a lot of issues. how do we get the alignment that is necessary to stop the exploitation that's created by this culture of bomb throwing and fracturing the glass, if you will, from left -- i don't care which side. this is just messy. >> sure.
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>> i heard republicans say they blame obama for elevating this into a national issue. obama would rather we have a debate about this, as ugly as it is, than to talk about the economy. democrats would rather in races like harry reid's race, he's going to take a lot of flak from liberals for caving. but he's talking about mosques instead of talking about the economy. >> i get pit. but i get better speaker fees if i'm sarah palin because i'm popular on the mosque thing. i get to buy a bigger boat for the house in alaska. everybody has a self-interest. whether the president, sarah palin or newt gingrich. the problem is you, me, and everybody else is getting screwed in the process. it's not because we don't agree on the issues. it's because we're not able to deal with the issues where all the wedges are driven between us over and over an over. >> there's not a lot we can do. we see a lot of the control of what we talk about to the people who are most extraordinary and
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extreme in what they like to tweet about or speak about. newt gingrich has nothing to lose. i don't want to pick on him. he just happened to get in front of the debate. he has nothing to lose by comparing the building of this mosque to the nazis being something at the holocaust museum. it's not like you're going to get chased out of the public debate. you get rewarded with public attention. >> and higher speaker fees. >> yeah, what you're talking about, i don't know how to make that work except for maybe shunning like the kind that william f. buckley did in the '50s. when he said the berkshires are too crazy. that was a guy running a magazine. when talking about competing for eyeballs for stories every day and you want everyone to talk, you want people to gravitate towards certain things. the responsibility of politicians is they really would rather we talk about this stuff than examine what we're doing on economics. republicans because they don't have a lot of say about the
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economy. democrats don't have a lot to say about the nice charts they developed to show us how the stimulus would recover. >> so let's talk about the mosqu mosque. >> i think we're onto them, dave. coming up, extreme makeover housing edition. the feds looking for ways out of what made the biggest bailout of them all. i want you to think of fannie and freddie as a good place for a bankster to bury a bunch of dead bodies. that's what they've done with a bunch of phony housing loans that your children are now on the hook for, but the people that created the loans took the money out and bought a boat. it's the american way. we'll talk about what should be done and how it will affect the loans held by millions of american homeowners. how do you fix the corruption between the government and banks and how do you deal with housing in the country, period in charg's to remove oil from these waters.
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how's it work? ok, she's gas. he's constipation... why am i constipation? ...he's diarrhea. and our special fiber helps our probiotics so that you can show those symptoms who's in charge. this isn't even my floor. [ elevator bell dings ] welcome back. as you likely know our poll tigs have created a system with bankers intending to provide cheap home loans to america. not a bad idea, except when it starts to happen in excess and it's being funded by taxpayers and delivering bonuses to people. we don't know why. nowhere is the high cost of the collusion more evident than government-sponsored home lenders fannie mae and freddie mac. is this outrageous arrangement
4:18 pm
finally being addressed? today tim geithner called for a bipartisan overhaul of the mortgage giants. >> we will not support returning f fannie and freddie where they fought to take market share from private competitors while enjoying the privilege of government support. we will not support private gains subsidized by taxpayer losse losses. >> this from a man who created the largest handover in history. that's what he does do. geithner's statements kicked off today's all-star summit on revamping housing finance. it's a great way to steal money. so is an extreme makeover of the housing system coming that u would end the opportunity for theft, fraud and justice and american destruction once and for all? will we actually see the recking
4:19 pm
ball slam into the current version of fannie and freddie, or will the government just use more of your tax money for touchups to continue to perpetuate the broken system? joining us with answer to the burning questions and more, barry, ceo and director. and a senior writer, columnist and friend of the show from "bloomberg business" magazine. can it be done? can you take the amount of money put out between 2000 and 2010? we don't know until they make the payments. can i deal with this mess and at the same time restore or establish some sense of not only fairness, but available for housing? >> sure. >> you believe it can be done? >> you have no choice. you have to do it. you can't believe the status quo as is. we had three areas of fannie and freddie. fannie came after the great
4:20 pm
depression. mortgages grounded to a halt. back year it was three or five years interest only. let's call it 1938 to 1998, fannie actually served a good purpose. it allowed mortgages to be processed pretty reasonably. when we took rates down -- >> well, we did not take rate douns. >> we as a nation, the federal reserve under alan greenspan brought rates down to unprecedented levels and kept them there for a long time, that's when we created this spiral. the private sector, the big bad banks were giving away mortgages, securetizing things. >> stop there. do you agree the problem with fannie and freddie was not their existence, but once we got them into the cheap money, it let to all sorts of bad mabehavior?
4:21 pm
>> i'll agree that was the accelerant. yeah, man, fannie and freddie are going down. you never believed them. it was wacky. but when the fed went to zero rate policy and you had the epic housing bubble, you had an impossible mission for fannie and frooed dee. make a profit and take this toxicity on your books. >> now, that's the third phase. by the way, geithner was number two in the wealth transfer. it was paulson was the one who actually did -- >> i may have insulted geithner. i'm sorry. >> he was still there. don't forget, hank paulson was there for fannie, freddie, aig, lehman. >> where's the camera?
4:22 pm
we haven't forgotten hank paulson. we didn't forget him. >> now we're in the worst phase of fannie and freddie. the banks still carrying a lot of bad debt and junk paper, it's getting transferred to fannie and freddie. and stuff the congress would not approve, fannie and freddie -- >> be cynical for a moment and give both parties credit. this is a wonderful arm for industrial policy. it's what you want to make of it. if you want to extend mortgages. >> when you say industrial policy. when i was a little boy, oh, you're so industrious, it means you were producing something. >> the chinese decided to promote electronics 40 years
4:23 pm
ago. would there be a private market for the mortgage absent the government? i don't see it there now. there's a private market for student loans and automobile loans and credit card loans. there would have been a provt maskt if in 1990 fannie and freddie said we solved our charge from the early 30s. we stabilized housing. we're going to dissolve ourselves and go away. there was a robust private sector. >> it's exactly what the reagan administration, bush, clinton, all these guys. it's a wonderful thing to promote your own political agenda. >> but it backdoors the congress. ultimately someone has to be responsible for where the trillions of dollars are going. the conservatorship allowed the bad loans without the people's approval.
4:24 pm
>> i love that. >> it's unfortunate that's the society we live in. >> stinks like money. >> it does. >> thanks, fellas. nice to see you. we'll bring them back. we'll solve the housing thing yet. paul southern, haven't forgotten about you. don't you worry. up next, what if our late night talk show hosts were not allowed to ridicule politicians by law? let alone our treasury secretaries? it's a real law. it's on the books. in one of the largest democracies here in the western hemisphere. we'll tell you where and what the penalties are and if there are any exceptions after the break. ook. you need website development, 1-on-1 marketing advice, search-engine marketing, and direct mail. yellowbook's got all of that. yellowbook360's got a whole spectrum of tools. tools that are going to spark some real connections. visit and go beyond yellow.
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boom, religious freedom. boom, there you go. you can't be more clear than that. let me be clear. usually when obama says let me be clear. he's about to get into very unclear [ bleep ]. >> funny stuff. that kind of wit and humor would make jon stewart a criminal in
4:28 pm
brazil. that is correct. no stewart. no letterman. outlaws. every single last one of them. and the punishment is no laughing matter. those jokes could cost them $100,000 in fines and their broadcasting license. there's nothing funny about that. just remember, of course if it weren't for tina fey we may be referring to sitting vice president sarah palin now. the government doing whatever the banks tell them. the gulf of mexico full of oil. the list goes on. at least we do have the right to ridicule and make fun of the politicians as they destroy our country. still ahead here on "the dylan ratigan show," a bold new plan for teenagers embarrassing themselves on the internet. should the youth of america hit the restart button and get a
4:29 pm
brand new identity when they come of age? change your name. change your social security and deny everything. plus rupert murdock's million dollar gift to the gdp. we'll talk to an influential man with a plan to limit the corrupting influence of money from both sides of the aisle from our elections. will u.s. flood relief to pakistan improve our image and maybe just maybe in exchange for all the flood aid, a billion dollars for the american taxpayers. maybe you guys tell us where bin laden is. no?
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dollar diplomacy with the pakistan floods, and a new plan to escape the never ending public display of youthful indiscretions. we'll get to that. we begin with pakistan and using humanitarian aid as a weapon of american foreign policy. world bank pledging $900 million. a lot of that from the tus to help the 20 million folks affected by pakistan's devastating floods. surely you've seen the pictures. a natural disaster beyond the comprehension of most americans, i would suspect. the number of people affected, the area affected. the u.n. says it's not enough. so far the u.s. has committed at least 87 million directly as expected to give more. as a way to bolster america's image in the country. >> the people of pakistan will see when the crisis it in the 2005 hurricane, as it did again,
4:34 pm
it's not the chinese. it's not the iranian ls. it's not other countries. it's the u.s. that always leads. >> of course, we're giving all this money to people who historically don't like us that much. 61% of pakistanis have a negative view of the united states. of course, pakistan famous for harboring osama bin laden. maybe we should demand something in return for the aid. for instance, the current address, phone number and favorite take-out spot for osama bin laden. what do you say we approach this as a negotiation? we'll text you money. anything you want. we'll helicopter you food. we just need bin laden. >> that would be nice. i would love nothing more than
4:35 pm
getting bin laden. i'm in the camp that thinks we shouldn't expect anything out of this. we shouldn't expect good will. we shouldn't expect publicity. we should do this because it's right. i've given up hope america is going to get the good credit. i'm more concerned about the bad things that will happen if we don't help. then militants might be there to help. we should do it, but i don't expect anything out of it. >> if the good guys don't help, the bad guys will. are you with him here, or you want to go with more of a "hardball" player like myself? >> it's always a tough choice when you make me choose between you and matt lewis. i agree with matt. this is the right thing to do. you don't get a lot of short-term benefit, as you know, from this kind of international foreign aid. one interesting thing you find is a lot of people's opinions of the chief officer has a lot more
4:36 pm
impact than what we're doing year to year. richard holbrooke is right, though. it is the united states that steps up to the plate. >> what about going in after and saying see now nice we were? see how we hooked this place up? how about bin laden? >> i don't think we should expect anything out of it. if something nice comes out of it. if america's image abroad looks better, i think that's a positive by-product. we need to sell it, but i don't expect it. >> i probably need a shrink for this, but i'll ask you guys instead. if the hatred for america comes for a sense of the oppressor, the diminishment, and the oppressor saves you, gives you a ham sandwich and a tent, does that the no breed more resentment from those oppressed.
4:37 pm
now i have to eat an american sandwich? i hate the americans. >> we helped afghanistan defeat the soviet union. a lot of times when you help somebody they resent you for helping them. we should do it anyway to be goo good. >> i want bin laden, lewis. i'm sure you guys are right. to the issue of the internet and modern behavior on the internet. matt lewis' specific behavior on the internet here's a suggestion for any bad behavior on the internet. imagine pressing a button and in a single second, excuse me, being able to erase the totality of all your past indiscretions from youtube, facebook, twitter, whatever. sounds enticing. that's what the google ceo suggests for young people online. he says one day soon people will
4:38 pm
be able to change their identities with when they come of age. and disown in the process all of their youthful shenanigans. it's the person whose identity that was no longer exists because you've taken on a new identity. the drunken picture of facebook, gone. or associated with a different identity. you get my point. is this the future? the fact the internet records every thought, every idea. every mad ranting of every madman or woman in this country. every five years i'll change it from the dylan ratigan show to the bob jones show. he was crazy. i wouldn't do that. is this where we have to go? do we have to blank out people's past because the recordkeeping is that good? >> i think in extreme cases, dylan, it actually will be
4:39 pm
necessary. it's like getting that tattoo removed. i think for young people, with the fron caal cortex not fully p developed, thank got facebook wasn't arn. seriously, i would have made megan mccain looked like buckley back then. it would have been ugly. >> i think what google ceo is saying sounds like a poor man's witness protection program. rather than have the companies act responsibly or exercise any kind of policy to help deal with the cause of the harm to their users or individuals -- >> if the internet is designed to absorb the brain patterns of people so things shared verbally are now constantly diarrhea hon the internet, don't we need to
4:40 pm
just come to reality that we are nutd bags? we have to continue the charade that we're not nut bags. >> there are things people do in private and things they do in public. part of the problem is company, many of them profitable, have what they call stickiness. they want you returning to the site for anything. they don't care if it's interesting to two people or 200. so they have a stake in that. but we don't have to have a stake in that. >> i think he's speaking to a problem, but not oo solution. we can't all come up with new fake names or handles. >> what if we just learn to accept the fact that people are nut bags? >> i see you returning to this this point. is this about making your family more acceptable? is this about a barbecue? >> whatever it takes, ari. go ahead, matt. >> i was just going to commend you dylan. this would have been a great
4:41 pm
opportunity for some b-role of hot chicks doing things on youtube. you have not, at least during this segment, put that up. >> they changed their name, so i couldn't find them. >> maybe there's hope. >> i'm hopeful for a vasht of reas variety of reasons. but it's a pleasure to see both of you. ari, thank you so much and for correcting me on the customs issue, which i was lost on. matt, it's always a pleasure, but you look so official because you have the capitol behind you. you look very important from there. >> let's come to new york, yeah. >> we got to get you up here one time. have a good afternoon, guys. wall street cats doubling down on ridiculous rhetoric. now claiming the corporate taxes are like a bullet to the brain. cenk uygur from the young turks. joining us to uncork his daily rant. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused.
4:42 pm
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4:46 pm
the guy has made a ton of money. his latest gaffe with his mouth is no exception. this time he's not alone. the fat cats are totally flipping out about paying a slightly fairer, but slightly more in taxes. the cenk attack commences. >> before we get in that, dylan. the ham sandwich for pakistan, pretty bad idea. they probably would not eat that. >> keep me out of the steak department. i gave them a free sandwich, oh, we don't eat ham. that's why i'm here. so, we've got all these guys attacking president obama for wanting to raise his taxes. the wall street guys pay about 15%. dylan mentioned steven
4:47 pm
schwartzman. it's a war. like when hitler invaded poland in 1939. so raising your taxes a little bit is like genocide. like a holocaust. i can't begin to tell you how offensive that is. now they're on a role, though. the chamber of commerce has an economist who had this genius quote. that's what you're suggesting is a corporate bullet in the head. he says that's going to be a bullet in the head for a lot of people who will be laid off and people hoping to get their jobs back. it not just the fat cats suffering, but the people who don't have jobs. but he can't help himself with the death met fore. if we don't get the economy going, we will not redeploy the people displaced. they will die in their current status. a lot of people dying and
4:48 pm
bullets in the head. what are they all worked up about? carried interest weight. that's what they pay for their income. like you would pay for your income. they only pay 15%. it's crazy. you know who else thinks it's crazy? warren buffett. he's talking to 400 wealthy donors. we pay lower income and taxes than the reception ladies do, than the cleaning ladies do. if you're in the luckiest 1% of humanity you owe it to the others to think about the other 99 o%. >> what if the way you got your money was screwing that 99% over. the way to think of them as an opportunity to get rich.
4:49 pm
>> i would disagree with warren buffett a little bit. i love that he's encouraging them to give away the money. but i would make it mandatory. i'm not going to wait for steven schwartzman to do the right thing. i'm going to change that to a reasonable tax rate. >> so you come raise my taxes. i'll just fire everybody. >> yeah. first of all. >> now who is president? now who is president? >> who are they going to fire? >> everyone who works at kraft. >> everyone at blackstone. >> not blackstone. >> why would they fire them? >> because i don't have the money. because i have to pay it to uncle sam who is busy using it to pay for welfare, my man. >> but the reason he brought kraft. blackstone buys a company like kraft. they do it for a profit. if they got rid of kraft. they wouldn't have a profit.
4:50 pm
>> much like with financial reform. if the plan is to take whatever you do and jack my customers with it and blame you for it, i'm good to go. raise my taxes and fire the employees. change bank regulation. add fees to the customers. blame it on obama, baby. the guy is jacking the whole system. >> but we tried that. i'm glad you're asking that. here's what the results are. so top 1% from 1979 to 2007, they had their incomes go up from $347,000 to $1.3 million. it worked for the rich. but did it work for the rest of us, dylan? >> not very well. >> top 1% nation's income, doubled in that time period. doubled. how about us? bottom 80% share of the nation's income fell by 10%. it didn't work for the rest of us. >> but are poor people actually people? >> that's a good question. you'll have to ask steven
4:51 pm
schwartzman. >> a wonderful rant as always. nice to see you. we used too much time. but i had fun in the process. still ahead. michael smerconish in for chris matthews and the political fallout from new york city's mosque mess. but first up here, corporate cash, infecting our nation's capitol in every nook and cranny. it's crippling our democracy after this. when you pursue an mba at devry university's...
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welcome back. a little solutions express for you today.
4:55 pm
money, campaigns, and of course a complete breakdown of our political system, utter corruption of the government in an effort to drive the government into the ground for the benefit of 12 or 13 people. president obama has beens by ss crisscrossing the country in order to keep those alive. meanwhile, corporate cash still the mother's milk of all political campaigns. the big boys not afraid to throw series size around. rupert at fox news corporation giving a million dollars to the republican association. so how does all this money corrupt the system? well, you don't have a job. they've got all the money. the gulf is polluted. the school is only for rich people. health care is a monopoly. joining us now, lawrence, a
4:56 pm
harvard law professor. we asked him to give us his three best -- three of his favorite examples of things we can do and the first one you offered up was citizens funded election elections. >> the basic idea is small dollar contributions. there's a bill in the house close to this. basically this would say no more than $100 from any citizen to any candidate, and the fair elections now act matches that four to one, so that it's only small dollars. >> does that apply to corporations as well? >> well, corporations can't give directly to candidates. and right now because of the supreme court, we can't actually limit what corporations give and spend independently. if i get to be king for a day, i can change that ruling, too. so we can limit the amount ko g
4:57 pm
corporations can get as well. >> make elections more competitive. i'm for the against line. i want to be able to toss both parties. break the gerrymandering system that ensures 90% of the seats are safe. the primary system largely difficult to overcome, especially if you're a member of party leadership. how do you deal with this? >> the simplest thing to do is mandate nonpart season systems for designing districts. right now it's a very high percentage. 80% to 90% who have the safe seats. that means they don't have to worry about what the constituents want, because they're never going to be challenged.
4:58 pm
changing that would force them to do it. they thought they would pay really clear attention to what the voters wanted. >> is there anybody anywhere in the political or social establishment addressing jerry ma -- gerrymandering in any way. >> in california there was a big bush. but the leaderships got together to kill it. both parties love the system where they can protect their own and avoid this competition. >> so, there's a lot of problems where the democrats and the republicans love the corruption nature of the system. it keeps them in our jobs and screws us and our children. how do we deal with that? >> well, the only way is to build a movement that finally gets the courage and energy to push fundamental change into the system. we talked about forcing some kind of change to get their attention. that's a harder problem than you asked me to solve. you said three ideas. that's a big one.
4:59 pm
>> last one you say you had the revolvining door. what would you recommend? >> jim cooper from tennessee said to me, capitol hill has become a firm league. and congressman cooper has been there forever. he knows that. that means these guys are there. and many are there because they want to become rich lobbyists after they've been congressmen. if you say they can't become a lobbyist or anything like a lobby it for ten years after they've left congress, more of them will pay attention to what they do in congress. of they're finished, they'll go back home. >> i'm presuming democrats and republicans don't like this one either. lawrence, it's a pleasure. thanks for the time this afternoon. we do appreciate it. again, of all those solutions, the only one that actually has any congressional existence is the idea of the max $100 donation matched by taxpayer dollars. the issues of


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